Seeking EPIC Investors

There are plenty of ways to make money - but life's too short and the lives of the next 10 generations too long to not invest in people and businesses that are shaping our future.

By investing in EPIC companies - you can have a "Ripple of Impact" instead of just an ROI .

Revenue Share Benefits with EPIC

All the businesses we support have a massive transformational purpose, and focus on making a positive impact



All the businesses we support are "exponential" in terms of scalability, which  gives them a superior growth trajectory.



Revenue-based investments return capital faster than traditional equity-based investments. It's what we call a win-win-win. A win for the business, a win for the investors and a win for the planet.

(and our aim is a 38% IRR)



Invest to Change the World

We are part of the solution

Marble Surface

An Australian Registered Business

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