• Connect with the right investors

    If you are on a mission to make a difference, run a start up of scale up company in need of funding and the right connections to grow exponentially, you've come to the right place.


  • What is EPIC?

    We invest in businesses:

    1) With a Massive Transformational Purpose - you know you are here to change the world, we know it too.

    2) Who are Exponential - Discover your ExO Quotient here

    3) Who are near or at revenue (>$50,000USD pa)

    4) Have a minimum viable product and their first customers

  • Is this you right now?

    You have been working on your business for a while -

    ...You know this can be big, you are a disruptor

    ...You can see how this makes the world a better place, and that helps you get up every single day

    ...You have had some great results to date

    ... You need funding......yesterday to make that next big step in your business

    ... You are having trouble converting your vision to open wallets with investors


    And let's be honest it is so easy to:

    ....get stuck in the bubble of doing and your own conversations

    ....Listen to the horror stories of businesses that have sought investors and have been put through the ringer

    ...Get lost as to who to turn to for unbiased advice

  • Benefits

    Why you as a business owner should consider

    Revenue Sharing


    Traditional Equity Investment



    Revenue share investors do not have voting rights. You retain control of your company.


    Less Dilution

    Typically by a Series B round founders retain less than 30% of their original business. Rev Share means less dilution for the founding team.


    Tax Efficient

    Equity investors want you to maximise your profit to maximise valuation. Maximising your profit is not tax effective.


    Aligned Investors

    Equity investors are looking at your business like a chess board - where do they need to position you for an exit. Revenue share investors are focussed on growing your revenue - more customers, more conversions, more aligned.

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