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Our company


We are a global revenue-based financing platform for positive impact driven companies and investors.


Our mission is to accelerate positive impact and improve humanity by democratising access to investments.


There are plenty of ways to make money - but life's too short and the lives of the next 10 generations too long to not invest in people and businesses that are shaping our future.


The world needs our help. We work with investee companies and investors that are aligned with one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).



We believe that it is possible to do good and do well financially. If you share our belief and our vision then sign up to join the community, and let's work together to make a difference.


We are a highly experienced, diverse and international team

CEO & Co-founder
Elianne Oei

Elianne is responsible for the overall strategy, partnership network and EPIC eco-system in line with the vision to be the go-to place for revenue-based financing for mission driving investors and founders. She brings personal leadership and executive decision making to the EPIC team, with a unique mix of a built-in mission-driven compass, 15+ years in professional services, and a keen stakeholder management gene. Elianne is a certified ExO Coach and consultant and is always happy to talk about equity, equality and business fundamentals any hour of the day. Her sense of adventure comes to the fore in all her endeavours.

Eli of EPIC
Chief Evangelist and Co-founder
Clarence Tan

Dr Clarence N.W. Tan is a futurist, a recognized and successful 20year+ angel investor, CEO of a PE fund and a serial entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of, the makers of a motorized kit for wheelchairs and the CEO of Dr CT Pty Ltd and Austanco Pty Ltd, a private equity fund. He was also the founder of Bond Wireless, an Australian-based award-winning wireless software applications and services company. Prior to that, he was an academic and an investment banker. He has been involved in a number of start-ups as a founder, mentor and investor. He is passionate about exponential technologies particularly in the areas of education, health, seeking and sharing knowledge through humour. As an avid keynote speaker, he is spreading the revenue share message everywhere he goes.

Chief Innovation & Technology Officer & Co-founder
Chandresh Pala

Chandresh is an Entrepreneur, Mentor and Innovation Strategist who passionately believes in empowering people to create profitable, purpose driven, global businesses.   With over 25 years of experience that has included working with leading consultancies and corporates; through to launching multiple businesses in the Technology and Creative sectors, as well as helping founders of existing companies to grow and achieve successful exits. Chandresh integrates a wide range of inter-disciplinary methodologies, strategies and thinking into his approach. He has been an advisor, speaker and mentor for various entrepreneurial organisations and initiatives internationally. His mission is to create a significant positive social impact and abundance through Transformational Entrepreneurship.

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