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If you run a startup or scale-up, and you need funding and the right connections to grow exponentially, you are in the right place.

Revenue Share Benefits

Why should you, as a business owner, consider a revenue-sharing scheme over the traditional equity investment scheme?



Revenue share investors do not have voting rights. You retain control of your company.


Less Dilution

By the time a company goes through a Series B round, founders retain less than 30% shares. Revenue share means less dilution for the founding team.


Cash flow effective

Ability to scale payments to provide initial cash flow relief.


Aligned Investors

Equity investors plan to exit your business to realise their gains. Revenue-share investors focus on growing your revenue - more customers, more conversions, more aligned.

Is this you right now?

You have been working on your business for a while, and

  • You know this can be big, you are a disruptor

  • You can see how this makes the world a better place, and that helps you get up every single day

  • You have had some great results to date

  • You need funding to make that next big step in your business

  • You are having trouble converting your vision to open wallets with investors

It is so easy to:

  • get stuck in the bubble of doing and your conversations

  • listen to the horror stories of businesses that have sought investors and have been put through the wringer

  • get lost as to who to turn to for unbiased advice

Our extremely simplified criteria

With a Massive Transformational Purpose - you know you are here to change the world, we know it too.


You are near or at revenue

(>$50,000USD pa)


You are Exponential - Discover your ExO Quotient here



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  • What are the typical returns on my investment?
    Of course investing in startup and scale-up companies is high risk, so returns cannot be guaranteed. Our aim is to achieve between 22-38% IRR which is higher than the average VC returns. Every deal will be screened and presented based on this target IRR (think a 5 x return in 5 years).
  • What are the advantages of revenue-based financing for me as an investor?
    Unlike equity investing, revenue-based financing allows you to receive regular income from your investments almost immediately which reduces the risk to your capital investment. You also have the opportunity to re-invest returning revenues over time, giving a compounding effect on your returns. In addition to the financial returns, your investment is helping to make the world a better place by helping impact-driven companies to grow.
  • Is there a minimum investment amount for each deal?
    Investments can start from as little as $5k however typically our investors invest between $50k - 100K per deal.
  • What do you charge?
    We source, filter and structure deals for investors as well as providing all of the administration and reporting for the payments from the investee companies. We charge 10% of the revenue received from the investee companies for our service.
  • How do become an EPIC investor?
    Just sign up and complete your profile giving details of your investment preferences and contact details.
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