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There are plenty of ways to make money - but life's too short and the lives of the next 10 generations too long to not invest in people and businesses that are shaping our future.

By investing in EPIC companies - you can have a "Ripple of Impact" instead of just an ROI .

Revenue Share Benefits with EPIC

All the businesses we support have a massive transformational purpose, and focus on making a positive impact



All the businesses we support are "exponential" in terms of scalability, which  gives them a superior growth trajectory.



Revenue-based investments return capital faster than traditional equity-based investments. It's what we call a win-win-win. A win for the business, a win for the investors and a win for the planet.

(and our aim is a 38% IRR)




Featured opportunity



“ Everyone with reduced mobility should have access to Safe, Advanced, Affordable assistive technology”





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What are the typical returns on my investment?

Our aim is to achieve between 22-38% IRR which is higher than the average VC returns. Of course investing in startup and scale-up companies is high risk, so returns cannot be guaranteed

What are the advantages of revenue-based financing for me as an investor?

Unlike normal equity investing, RBF allows you to receive regular income from your investments almost immediately which reduces the risk to your capital investment. You also have the opportunity to re-invest your income giving a compounding effect on your returns. In addition to the financial returns, your investment is helping to make the world a better place by helping impact driven companies to grow.

Is there a minimum investment amount for each deal?

Investments can start from as little as $5k however typically our investors invest between $50k - 100K per deal.

What do you charge?

We source, filter and structure deals for investors as well as providing all of the administration and reporting for the payments from the investee companies. We charge 10% of the revenue received from the investee companies for our service.

How do become an EPIC investor?

Just sign up and complete your profile giving details of your investment preferences and contact details.

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