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28th Oct: Scaling Impact by Changing Mindsets

An online roundtable event on 28th Oct 2021 discussing how massive impact can be achieved by changing the mindset of our biggest resource - humans.

Issues like COVID and climate disasters brought impact awareness to a new level in society, with everyone jumping on the ESG and impact trends. How do we maintain this momentum and create lasting change in a rapidly changing world, with a million things asking for our attention? How does one change the mindset of not only a few believers but of the majority and thereby massively scaling positive impact?
Join us on 28th October 2021 at 11:00 BST : 12:00 CEST : 20:00 AEST as we discuss mindset change and cognitive bias with neuroscientists, entrepreneurs and investors.
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28th Oct: Scaling Impact by Changing Mindsets
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