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Humanity Rising Conference

In this session of the Humanity Rising conference, the EPIC team has invited some of the pivotal innovative players in the impact investment space to talk about how they do things differently and where they're seeing more opportunity to combine doing good with doing well.

Why join EPIC?

We evaluate businesses against the Exponential Framework*,  and provide investment opportunities in the ones that have a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) and are aligned to the SDG goals.

These business owners are committed not to growth at all costs, but to grow aligned with purpose, to build sustainable businesses and grow the (social) impact as they grow, 

When you invest in an EPIC business, you are not just investing capital. You are joining a community committed to shifting the world on its axis for the better. You're doing good and doing well (since EPIC also filters on a 38% IRR potential per deal)


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“ Everyone with reduced mobility should have access to Safe, Advanced, Affordable assistive technology”





Revenue-Based Investing

Investors make an upfront lump sum investment in exchange for a share in the revenue of a growing business, instead of taking equity share from the company.


Revenue-based financing has been gaining traction in the venture capital industry because it offers many benefits to both parties, such as tax-deductible repayments, a reduced exposure over time and aligned incentives across investors and investees. 

We see it as a means to even better align investors with impact driven companies specifically since there is no dilution, no control given up and no need to push for exit. It is based on fundamental business economics and trust.

Examples of revenue-based financing success
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You are forward thinking and strategic in your decisions

You are committed to both grow your portfolio and positively impacting the world

You are looking for exponential

(not linear)


You are excited about the future and the opportunities it will bring

If this sounds like you, you've come to the right place. It takes courage to be at the frontier.

With the right people, great things can happen.

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